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ADR’s Carpentry & Joinery offers a wide range of services in the area of renovating or replacing traditional timer boxed sash windows. We are always putting a great emphasis on tailoring personalized solutions that can suit your individual needs, no matter if you are interested in window draught proofing, overhauling or replacing your windows.

Replacing only the sashes (internal wooden frames) instead of the entire window is a great alternative for Customers who might be a bit tight on budget. It is an opportunity with no risk of sacrificing the performance that gives you good quality product just for a fraction of the price.

At our work we are constantly taking advantage of modern joinery methods that allow us to replace existing sashes with identical double glazed, energy efficient and sound proofed ones. This service is especially useful in listed houses


What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

  • You could be losing even around 40% of your winter heating through your single glazed windows every day. Double glazed windows quarantine a notable heat-loss reduction so that’s a good way of cutting heat cost and increase the energy rating as well as value of the property.
  • Noise reduction. Double glazed wooden new or refurbished windows not only work smoothly and silently but are also capable of cutting the noise and pollution by half.
  • Cost efficiency. Replacing the internal frames and glass only is approximately 50% cheaper than replacing the entire window.
  • Minimum disruption and impressive pace of the installation process.




If your window is rotten and beyond repair changing your internal wooden frames might not be enough. In such cases and after a thorough inspection we recommend replacing the whole window.

ADR’s Carpentry & Joinery manufacture and install all sort of windows including casement and sash windows in hardwood all softwood, no matter what the design is.

We do our best to always achieve a highest possibly standard.



We provide a made to measure bespoke furniture making & fitting service from our workshop in Chesham. We can help you to achieve the furniture you have always dreamed of or perhaps just spotted in a magazine, no matter what sort of wood you wish to go for and what the finish is. We can also manufacture and fit furniture in MDF veneer, the edges often finished up with solid wood.

Bespoke services we offer within this area include:

  • All sorts of storage solutions
  • Wardrobes, cupboards, shelving
  • Staircase refurbishment and new staircase
  • Other bespoke furniture making and fitting services
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